The principle of My Merchant Network is very simple. We are an organization created to offer businesses exceptional service by putting your needs first. Whether you want to switch your merchant processing, update and install a new P.O.S or even apply for a loan- we have you covered. What truly distinguishes MMN is the fact that we are partnered with the top companies in the business services industry and therefore, are able to offer the best advice and solutions. Our experts act as your Consultant- NOT A Salesperson. You can rest assured we have your best interest at heart since we're not in competition with anyone. Call Now or Fill Out The Form For A Free Evaluation.


Once we have reviewed your recent merchant processing or bank statements (for loans), if you Qualify for the network, you will fill out a
simple MPA (Merchant Processing Agreement). We will then ship a Free Terminal to you. Once you plug in the New Machine and Start Processing as you normally would, you are now officially part of the network! For the Cash Discount Program: It's
that simple and your prices stay the exact same- except now you are not absorbing the cost of the credit card processing fees. There is No Contract and you may Cancel At Anytime and for any reason. Keep All Of Your Profits!


All of our services are geared towards making your business more profitable. We recommend most merchants Join the Cash Discount Program. Just Imagine what a huge difference it will make to your Profit Margins to eliminate 100% of your Credit Card Processing Bill! We add a small service fee to all your transactions that allows us to offset the multitude of credit card processing costs and instead reward you- the business owner. What will the extra income do for your Business?

Everyone Is Getting A Piece Of The $4 Trillion U.S. Credit & Debit Card Industry- Except For The Actual Business Owner. Join Us Now And Change The Industry By Keeping Your Hard Earned Money!

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"Their program is very easy to understand and simple to implement. I was able to save hundreds of dollars   from the first month after signing up! I always get excited when I see my processing bill isn't high like it used to be!"

Singh Hardeep - Dry Cleaning, CA

"My business has been struggling lately because of the recession. This extra income will give my business a huge break. Now I will be able to pay my rent and suppliers. I'm glad I joined the network!

It is a real life saver!"

 James Chan - Liquor Store, IL

"I was charged $450 to cancel my current credit card processing machine, but I quickly made it up by switching to My Merchants Network. Within the first months of switching, I saved $800 in processing fees. I made the best choice by switching to My Merchants Network!"

Doug Kenny - Auto Shop, GA





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