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My Merchant Network was founded to put the power of choice back into your hands- the business owner. We offer every Qualified Merchant a Free Consultation to ascertain how we can save you money and increase your bottom line.

Credit Card Processing

We offer the most cutting edge programs in the Industry. Call us now to begin saving.

Point Of Sale Implementation

Let our team work with you to design the perfect hardware and software package.



It's time to upgrade your tech infrasrtucture and we'll show you just how to do it.

Business Loans & Financial

Get matched with the best loan for your specific industry and situation today!

Credit Card Processing

My Merchant Network provides cutting-edge processing solutions and we have developed strategic partnerships that lead to significant advantages for our valued customers. Our ability to Match you with the best processor for your unique business enables us to help you save a significantly greater amount of money.




       Cash Discount Program


Would you like to Eliminate Up To 100% Of Your CC Processing Fees?


How It Works


-The Durbin Amendment allows merchants to assess a small fee (Normally 3.5%-4%) on all customer Credit Card transactions.


-A Cash Discount of the small fee is given to customers who choose to pay in cash.


-The fee collected from the customer is nominal, but is used to cover ALL costs associated with the transaction including interchange fees, assessments and all dues.


     Your business can end up saving thousands every year by implementing the Cash Discount Program.


       Network Residual Processing


This unique program offers merchants a dividend every month. The Network Residual Program was created to offset credit card processing fees that all merchants pay. You invest with your credit card processing and the Network will pay you a monthly dividend.


-There is absolutely zero cost or risk to you. You only need to transfer your credit Card Processing to Join and refer a minimum of 2 businesses to sign uand you automatically become a member of the Network.


       Traditional Processing


A great solution for any merchant, large or small. Our innovative retail payment solutions are complete, reliable and designed to secure your success whether your business is a small local retail outlet, regional franchise organization or a national chain store operation. Get superior support, competitive rates, expanded payment options, comprehensive reporting packages, and fast transaction processing, clearing and settlement.





Many working capital financing companies say they support the financial needs of small and medium business owners — but their financing terms, fees and funding processes don’t necessarily benefit the client’s business as much as it does their own.


At My Merchant Network, we’re committed to helping small businesses find access to the financing they need with a simple, transparent solution. Unlike many financing companies, we are 100% focused on helping you succeed. The funds you attain from MMN aren’t a traditional loan, and don’t require that you make fixed monthly payments. The working capital you access from MMN is based on your future sales; repayment happens electronically as you make sales.







Simple Application Process


  • Provide basic information about your number of years in business, monthly revenue and financing needs

  • Apply in minutes, approved in hours


Funds In As Little As 2 Business Days


  • Once approved, you could access cash advances of up to $2 Million

  • Starting rates at 1.25%/monthly

  • Electronic funds transfer for maximum convenience

Minimum Qualifications


We’re proud of our 95% approval rate for qualified applicants, provided you have:

  • A credit score of 520- though we have No Minimum Credit Options

  • Monthly revenue of $10,000 or more

  • At least 6 months in business



Flexibility In How You Use Funds


At MMN, we’re here to support your financing needs — not dictate them. Use your cash advance to fund needs like:

  • Buying inventory and equipment

  • Hiring staff

  • Paying vendors

  • Investing in new channels and growth opportunities

          Point-Of-Sale Implementation


Finding a point of sale system for your business is not a one-size-fits-all project. My Merchant Network is fully committed to identifying the

best point of sale systems for every business vertical and helping merchants of all Industries and sizes choose the right technology.

Here at MMN we strive to deliver the best possible service to our clients. That commitment to Excellence begins with the way that we consult for each client. We don't sell you a system just because we want to make a sale. We understand how important it is to find a POS that actually works for your business. Our partnerships with the the top Industry leaders allows us to evaluate your company and offer the best possible option for your hardware and software needs. My Merchant Network experts work with you as Consultants, NOT sales people.


Loans & Financial Products

Industry Leaders In Software & Hardware

POS systems offer a plethora of features, but are they right for your business? Our goal is to evaluate your unique objectives and offer you a solution that is truly tailored. We also:


  • Determine your budget and show you how to maximize your return on investment.

  • Offer several quotes so that you can feel comfortable that you are receiving a fair price. 

  • Suggest additional systems/integrations based on your needs (Credit Card Processing, Mobile App, Loyalty Cards/Programs, Inventory Management, Social Media Customer Integration, Online Ordering, etc...).

  • Ensure we breakdown the technological specifications in layman's terms. 

  • Follow-up after the installation and periodically to track your satisfaction.

Allow Us To Find The Best Solution For Your Business

Technology Services

Technology upgrades can pay for themselves quickly by improving overall system performance and enabling employees to accomplish more in less time. It may be wise to focus on your technology assets to ensure they run smoothly and efficiently. Increased productivity and higher profit margins are practically guaranteed when you have the correct infrastructure supporting your business.

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